We recently had the pleasure of working with the Architects For Society, a non-profit group of professional architects from around the world who are passionate about providing sustainable and dignified solutions to socioeconomic problems with housing displaced families. Faced with this issue, the team presented a solution; the Hex House. The purpose of the animation we created was to demonstrate the simple, do -it -yourself construction model to help raise funds for the prototype to be built this Spring in preparation for large scale production, you may contribute to the cause here.

As you can see in the animation we created below, the Hex House is a rapidly deployable, self-sustaining, democratic housing system. It puts full control in the hands of the end user, where with few tools and a little training, they can construct and customize their own home. The house begins with an easily adjustable steel frame suite for any terrain. Next, you see the Structured Insulated Panels used for the walls, floor and roof. The hexagonal shape of the roof creates ultimate placement for solar panels. Ventilation shafts on opposites of the house provide passive cooling and rainwater is harvested by sub-grade storage tanks that can be manually or electrically pumped back into the house. These sustainable strategies give families more independence and operational savings. Once the Hex Houses are constructed into clusters, they create a full self- managed community that empowers its members to work together and support one another.