3d real estate modelingWhen you’re a real estate developer trying to woo prospective backers, the quality of your presentation is key. These days, you really have to go the extra mile to impress potential investors. With so many high-tech options available today, why would you go into a presentation with old tech like 2-D illustrations or foam core board models? At Pixel Perfect Studios, we’re on the forefront of computer animation and 3-D modeling. Here are some of the ways Pixel Perfect can help you hit it out of the park with your next presentation:

3-D Architectural Animation

Whether you’re developing a residential neighborhood, office space, retail space, or mixed-use residential/commercial space, 3-D architectural animations from Pixel Perfect Studios can be a powerful tool to take the ideas in your head and show them to others. If you’re developing raw land, a slick 3-D animation can quickly show investors the potential that land has to become a housing development, shopping center, or office building.

360 Degree Interactive Tours

While an animation is definitely a powerful conceptual tool, why not take it a step further? What if potential investors could take a walk through your development concept before it’s even built? With a 360 degree interactive tour from Pixel Perfect Studios, they can! Our advanced technology allows them to take a tour at their own pace, seeing the things they want to see. They can even get up close and personal with finishes and materials. The best part: interactive tours can be viewed anywhere, on any device (that includes tablets and mobile phones). When you can make your presentation that convenient to view, you can be sure your prospects will take a look.

Virtual Reality Tours

Of course, there’s always a way to elevate your ideas even more; for Pixel Perfect Studios, that means bringing your presentation into a virtual reality where investors can move around where they want and interact with the space however they see fit. Our virtual reality content is compatible with all the latest VR platforms, including Smartphone platforms like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and more.

With so many amazing high-tech options available from Pixel Perfect Studios, there’s no reason to rely on old-school presentations anymore. Take a step into the future with a 3-D animation, 360 degree interactive tour, or even a virtual reality tour that will be sure to blow some minds. After all, your ideas are far from ordinary, so why hold yourself back with a humdrum presentation? Contact Pixel Perfect Studios today to schedule a consultation; you can even upload your files right here on our site!