Imagine being able to depict every detail of your property before it is even built. 360° Interactive Tours can give your prospective buyers that experience by having them virtually explore each and every room on their own. 360° Interactive tours are unique sales tools that bring your architectural projects to life. With our advanced technology, viewers can focus in on the finishes and materials of your floors, walls, furniture, and exteriors. It’s the ultimate sneak-peak of what your clients and prospects should expect with the convenience of viewing it from their own home. Choose to have your tour staged with furniture in your favorite style or unfurnished to emphasize the structure.

Everyone loves options, right? Our unique web-enabled Custom Configurator Tool gives users the ability to select and instantly display multiple finish and style options right at their fingertips. This tool can be easily accessed on any device- and yes, that includes your mobile device. From door handles options, to cabinet finishes to the color scheme of an athletic shoe, this technology will likely influence your buyers to make more informed decisions

PixelPerfect Studios will customize the interface to reflect your brand and will work with your web developer to easily integrate the tool into your existing website.

Showcasing your products by way of this interactive format is an emerging trend that has proved to be a great way to communicate your products online.  FORGET photography and the expense you incur in manufacturing, shipping, and staging your product. By virtually creating your products, you now have the ability to raise funds needed to launch your product prior to manufacturing it as well as easily create color and style options based on the initial model.  Again, no need to manufacture your complete line of products in order to display all of them.

All tours can be automated to guide viewers on a specific path or be set up for manual exploration at the viewers’ own pace. Manual exploration tours are navigated by clicking and dragging your mouse (or dragging your finger on tablets & phones) to look around and clicking on the target and arrow icons to move to new areas. Automated tours play on their own, like a video, but the viewers can take control at any moment if they want to revisit an area or skip to somewhere new. Once PixelPerfect Studios completes the tour, all files will be transferred to you for hosting on your website. The process of uploading the files to your site is easy and PixelPerfect Studios will be there every step of the way to help guide you to ensure a smooth transition.